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Hello! My name is Tatiana Arbuzova. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I am a woman, a mother and a doula.
I support women during pregnancy, childbirth and throughout their female journey.

My main goal in my work is to help women live in harmony with themselves, get joy and satisfaction from their motherhood, feel comfortable in all their roles, better understand themselves, their needs and desires.

I don’t teach you how to live right. I help every woman to find the Way that will be right for her. For my clients I am just a mirror, showing their Power and highlighting what they could ignore, but what is really important to them.

What can I do for you?

Поддержка для каждой женщины

If you are expecting a child:

  • i can help you and your partner to prepare for this wonderful and important moment in your life – the birth of your baby;
  • i can help you to figure out the Russian system of health care and obstetrics, choose suitable place and team for your childbirth, establish communication with your doctors and midwives;
  • аnd of course I’d love to be your birth doula!

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I am a certified Birth Doula. The Chairman of the Northwest branch of the Association of professional doula, a member of the European Doula Network. Work experience since 2016.

I support women who prepare for childbirth:

  • without the use of medical anesthesia;
  • with epidural anesthesia;
  • caesarean section;
  • with uterine scar (more than 80% of my clients have VBAC);
  • breech presentation or multiple pregnancy;
  • with antenatal death of a baby, a baby with malformations or after perinatal loss.

My main task as a doula is to create the most comfortable conditions for Your childbirth and to help you go through the birth in a way that leaves you with a sense of satisfaction.

My work is always based on an individual approach to each woman! After all, each of us has different needs and desires. I meet with each client before delivery and discuss her views on childbirth, her wishes, her pregnancy history and options for childbirth.

Индивидуальная подготовка к родам1

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You can get to know me and discuss all the questions concerning the support of your childbirth in person (the get-to-know-your-doula meeting is free) or during my monthly meeting with future parents «Lunch with a doula».

The cost of my Birth Doula support —  30 000 RUB.

Antenatal and postnatal visits are billed separately.

Консультации по ГВ и прикорму

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In the postpartum period:

  • i can be your Postpartum Doula;
  • i can help you with breastfeeding as a lactation consultant;
  • i can do the Sealing ceremony for you.

The mother of a newborn gives all her love, strength and time to the baby. And she needs care and help!

Postnatal care may include household help, informational and physical support.

Household help is cleaning your home, cooking, washing and ironing, taking care of older children or newborn while mom is resting, sleeping or taking a shower.

Послеродовая доула1

Informational help is training in newborn care, postpartum features, organization of life with the baby and safe recovery after childbirth (vaginal or caesarean). You will learn how and what you can eat, master the techniques of self-massage, tying the belly, the basics of babywearing. Patronage may aslo include breastfeeding support.

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Physical help — with the help of soft manual techniques and  Rebozo I can help Your body to feel better and more relaxed, to relieve tension. Еraditional Russian postnatal belly massages so called «Ladky» helps him recover faster.

You will have the opportunity to talk about what You are concerned about, discuss important issues for You in a safe and comfortable environment, knowing that You will be understood,  and keeping to yourself what You do not want to share.

The cost of consultation on lactation and postpartum patronage is from 3500 RUB

Что такое пеленание и закрытие родов

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Sealing ceremony is a deep transformational practice that helps in the Transition from one life stage to another.

It’s a release aid of letting go of pain, resentment, injury, loss, as well as setting free all the positive emotions – to open the way to new ones.

It is picking up Strength. Strength from our own experience, strength and support of our own Kind, our female Power given to each of us at birth.

It is the rebirth and restoration of the body. Throughout the Ceremony body warms up and relaxes. The blocks in the body are weaken or even completely released. The Energy of life starts to circulate, purifying and nourishing every cell of our body. The lymph flow as well the blood supply to all tissues are improved. The body «gathers back again», regains its clear boundaries and inner core. In the final part of «closing the bones» ritual, woman like a butterfly flutters out of the cocoon of her past in a new form — complete and full.


It’s a celebration of initiation. The birth of a child is one of the most important moments of women’s life. This is an event that changes not only the body. The woman’s self-perception changes. Her status and social role are changing. Life changes! Sealing ceremony is a celebration of the birth of the Mother.

It’s warm and caring. Women give so much to the world! Day after day, year after year. Sealing ceremony is the day when all the attention is finally focused on the woman. This is an opportunity to exhale and to stop, to feel like a little girl in the warm and caring hands of the Mother again.

Photo by Лиды Лаврентьевой

A sealing ceremony is based on the idea of “closing” the birth process. Pregnancy and birth are all about opening. The woman opens her body, soul, mind and heart for the new baby. After birth, the body remains “open” and the idea with sealing the birth experience is to psychologically and physically “close” the body and help the woman integrate her birth experience into the wholeness of who she is.
This is a very powerful ritual and often evokes a feeling of balance, love, and healing.

Sealing ceremony is carried out after:

  • birth (no matter positive or traumatic);
  • perinatal losses (miscarriages, abortions, antenatal death of the baby or loss of the baby after birth);
  • long-term or severe disease (including postpartum depression);
  • divorce or completion of a meaningful relationship;
  • loss of a loved one (work, property) and any other traumatic event;
  • completion of breastfeeding, withdrawal from the decree, relocation and any important change in a woman’s life.

Sealing ceremony includes:

  • work with the History of women during a conversation over a Cup of warming drink;
  • a relaxing practice Rebozo and/or Pulsing;
  • warming bath with herbs (steaming with bath brooms in the Russian Banya);
  • whole body rub with warm oil and a relaxing belly massage;
  • the «closing the bones» ritual.

Have a Sealing ceremony there is no Statute of limitations! No matter how much time has passed since the event – if you feel that it still does not let you go, then you can and should be sealed.

Sealing ceremony can take place at your home or in the Russian Banya.

The ideal time for ceremony is the first 40 days. After cesarean section ceremony can be carried out in 1, 5 – 2 months.

Duration – about 6 hours. Children under one year can be with their mother under the supervision of another adult.

The cost of the Sealing ceremony – from 20 000 RUB.

If you would like to relieve stress, relax, and take care of your body:

  • i can give you a session of vibration practice Rebozo or Holistic Pulsing;
  • i invite you to my Women’s Banya (“Russian Sauna”).
Массаж ребозо

Photo by Лиды Лаврентьевой

Rebozo is a long scarf used by Mexican women to work miracles! They use it to hide from the cold, as a rug, to carry children and as a hammock.  For tying the belly in pregnancy and postpartum. Midwives know how to use it to turn babies in a mother’s uterus. And almost every Mexican woman uses a healing practice of soft rocking by Rebozo!

Soft meditative rocking by Rebozo allows you to deeply relax, immerse in a state of absolute peace. In the state that each of us experienced while still in the uterus of our mother. Rebozo embraces like the wall of the uterus, warms up as a warm mother, lulls like a jiggle in the belly and  the mother`s hands.

During practice, our consciousness falls asleep — and the subconscious part wakes up. That is why I always strongly recommend Rebozo to expectant mothers who are in the last weeks of waiting. After all, this is a period when it is important for a woman to slow down as much as possible and immerse herself in herself, moving away from worldly Affairs.


Photo by Лиды Лаврентьевой

Holistic Pulsing is a rhythmic, movement-based, somatic method. It includes stretching, jiggling, lifting, shaking, and rotating that creates waves throughout the body, impacting the organs, joints, muscles and fluids.
It uses a very gentle and nurturing approach in an attempt to increase body awareness and sensitivity.
Pulsing connects us to our inner self and when we fall into a state of relaxation , we start to heal.
The regular pattern of the movements creates a sense of flow and ease and all dis-ease is allowed to surface without force or breaking down of resistance.
The result is a sense of renewal, expansion, and aliveness, as well as relaxation and blissfulness.

The power of Pulsing is in its softness. The aim of this work is healing, not correction!


Rebozo and Pulsing are holistic practices that have a healing effect on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

They improve blood circulation and lymph flow, which in itself helps the body to recover and heal. Vibrational movements help to remove spasms and clamps in the body, allowing the body to line up in a healthier way. Vibrations start the program of life in us, help the Life Force to pass through all the cells of our body again without hindrance.

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The high efficiency of the methods is achieved by activating the natural processes of self-regulation and self-healing of the body.

The cost of the session – 3500 RUB., the duration of 60 minutes.
There is a surcharge at the visit in far areas and outside the ring road.

Banya (Russian traditional Bath and Sauna) – an ancient and very effective way to maintain health.

Что такое женская банька

Photo by Елены Ивановой

It not only allows you to clean the body, but also affects all systems of the body, improving the physical and psycho-emotional state of the person.

  • Thanks to the soft and deep warming in the bath our body sweats. Pores are opened, and accumulated harmful substances, slags and toxins are released through them.
  • The blood supply of our tissues is improved. The vessels expand and the blood moves through them more actively, better feeding our organs and tissues and getting even to the «far» corners. The venous stagnation is reduced, contributing to the treatment of varicose veins. Hardening is an excellent exercise for blood vessels and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The lymph flow is improved. Thanks to soaring lymph better overcomes lymph nodes, cleansing our body. Steaming with bath brooms is a wonderful lymphatic drainage.
  • Delicate warming heals our joints and connective tissue. It improves hydration of the joints, so that they can stay mobile longer. Connective tissue becomes more elastic, allowing you to remove muscle cramps. For women, this is especially important when restoring the condition of their bellies after childbirth.
  • The skin condition is improved. Banya  deeply cleans the skin (this effect cannot be reached by any other treatments), increases its elasticity, leaves skin laxity, decreases stretch marks. Regular visits to the Banya have an incredible cosmetic effect – the tightened belly, improved face oval, the  disappearance of cellulite.
  • A soft and humid Banya improves the condition of the respiratory system, triggers the operation of the diaphragm, helps to get rid of colds.
  • Banya has a positive effect on the Central nervous system, it`s calming and stress relieving. The body relaxes and the mind relaxes. A person plunges into a state of calm bliss, when thoughts disappear from his head and consciousness is rebooted.
  • Thanks to steaming, contrast treatments and self-massage, banya improves the skin condition. It becomes more elastic and tightened. Banya– is a great place to cleanse and saturate the skin with natural scrubs and masks.
Женский банный круг

Photo by Елены Ивановой

Bath is a place of Power. It combines all 4 elements – fire, water, earth and air.
Therefore, not only our body is purified in the bath. Bath washes away the negative energy. It relieves from inner cold – grievances, pain, tears, frustration, anger.

Warm and Wet Women’s Banya is able to heal! After all, sometimes to solve the problem it is enough just to establish the cleansing and nutritional functions of our body — to improve lymph flow, sweating and blood supply. Regular visits to the Banya cope with this just fine! Thanks to better purification and nutrition, the body wakes up internal reserves for self-healing.
And the right steaming and working with the body enhances the result.

Что такое женская банька1

Photo by Елены Ивановой

Working with the abdomen and pelvis area releases sexual energy, creativity energy and Female self. A woman with a warm, soft belly and a relaxed pelvis feels completely different! She is full of strength and joy of life, and is thirsty for life. She increases her sensuality, the ability to receive pleasure.
The quality of life goes to a whole new level!

For pregnant women Banya is a great opportunity to maintain health and prepare for the intensive process of childbirth. The softness and elasticity of the tissues helps the birth to pass in a most gentle way, the baby to be born with minimal stress. Banya reduces swelling and decreases the varicose of veins. Reduced stress and self-awareness improve the General condition of the expectant mother. As a rule, expectant mothers visit the bathhouse after the first trimester.

Women’s Banya is warm (50-70C) and wet (50%). It feels like a woman’s womb!

Women’s Banya – is soft and calm, it`s the scents of herbs and bath brooms, the slow pace and ritual. Even the most business woman in the Banya slows down, goes into herself, calms down and plunges into a peaceful state.

Пеленание в бане

Photo by Елены Ивановой

You have the opportunity to choose a convenient format of participation:

  • women’s Banya Circle, when 5-7 women gather together and communicate for 5 hours, stream each other, rub with oils and scrubs. The cost is 3000 RUB;
  • individual steaming, when for 3-4 hours you are immersed in an atmosphere of warmth and care under the guidance of a steamer, which relaxes, cleanses and nourishes your body and soul. The cost is  20 000 RUB.

For more information, please contact me!
tn.arbuzova@gmail.com     Phone/WhatApp +79313062241

* All materials on the site are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. In case of any health problems you need to consult a doctor.